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Emerald Mermaid Stitch-Along

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Update with beads Jun. 21st, 2005 @ 01:26 pm
Here she is with the back stitching and one color of beads finished (I'm going section by section)
In reality the beads are more flashy, more reflective - the camera doesn't do them justice.
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Did I mention I have OCD??? Jun. 20th, 2005 @ 03:57 pm
I was beading EM last night and making fair progress, when I decided I didn't like the way I had been attaching the beads after all. I undid all the beading and started over, now using just the half stitch. I like the way it looks better after all and amazingly I got more done than I had taken out and then some! I may post pictures tonight.

It's raining very hard and it's all dark out. I wish I were home in front of the TV and stitching right now!!

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beads, beads and more beads Jun. 16th, 2005 @ 11:18 am
Despite having stabbed myself a few times, I think the beading is going fairly well. It's not as hard as I feared it would be and my only real trouble is my own issues in the direction the beads lay. I have decided to do some with the half stitch, so they are sort of diagonal, and some with the full x-stitch so that they are vertical. It depends on where they are. I have completed her necklace and some of her chest and started on her bodice. I wasn't going to touch her last night at all, but I worked on my mini sun room for a while and cut some pieces, then decided that was enough. I'll have mini time this weekend and I really want to get EM done!! I won't be home until late tonight, so I doubt I'll have a chance to take a picture and update here.
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Backstitching completed Jun. 15th, 2005 @ 09:42 am
Amen! I forgot what a pain it is, not to mention I discovered a couple more counting errors I made in the seaweed. Maybe it's because it was my first project on linen that I made so many mistakes with the counting. I started to do the beads using a full x-stitch, but decided I like the way they look better with just a half stitch, so I took out the few that I did. I will try to post pictures tonight. I was going to wait for Mirabilias reply before starting the beads, but I can still fix those issues later. Plus there are a TON of beads to do!

I probably won't get much done tonight, because I want to work on my miniature sun room a little, because tomorrow night is my mini club board meeting and we work on it there and I'm a little behind.
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More Errors? Jun. 13th, 2005 @ 12:48 am
I just finished all the regular stitches today and went back to fix the errors that midnightsangelc got corrections for from Mirabilia. When I started looking over my EM, I found several others that weren't in the list and some I'm not sure of. Please look over your pieces and see if you also have some problems with these areas. I'm going to start with the #6, since Mirabilia gave us 1-5 already.

#6 15 stitches (towards the right) from the top of the backstitched line on the left (looking at her) underarm there is the "II" symbol (upright = sign)

#7 right breast area (looking at her) 7 stitches from the right is a "II" (upright = sign)

#8 left breast area (looking at her) 6 stitches from the left there is a "c"

#9 In her hair there are several filled in "P" symbols - should there be green in her hair? I'm wondering if those were supposed to be filled in "b" symbols?

#10 at the very edge of her hair there is an entire curl of the purple symbol of the filled in circle with the line (slash goes from lower left to upper right)

#11 in the center flower group, the very bottom flower has 3 "II" symbols

Some are obviously errors in the chart and some I am not sure of. I don't know if I'll be able to get a scan of the chart. midnightsangelc, could you maybe work your magic on these and ask Mirabila for us? I don't mean to put it on you, but you've contacted them before and seem to be a little more image savvy than I am - plus my scanner isn't compatible with my computer and I don't know when I could get the image scanned. I might be able to do something with the digital photos I've already posted, but I'm not sure. Please and Thank you if you can help out! :^)

Other than those discoveries, I will be moving on (finally) to the backstitching then beading.

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Other entries
» Progress Update #2!
Another progress update! I've gotten a lot done in the past two-ish weeks. In my last update I'd finished her skin. Now she has hair, part of her body, and I've finished the green parts of the seaweed hanging from her left arm. I hate stitching the seaweed because it's small sections of a few stitches, so you are constantly starting and stopping your thread. Frustrating. I now plan on working on the next couple of large color blocks of her body, before going back to the seaweed and adding the flowers. Then I'll alternate work on the tail with work on the last bit of seaweed (by the tail). The metallic will be stitched later, right before the backstitching; the beading will be last.

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» To those of you on myspace
Are any of you all on myspace? If so I got a new group together there. So if you are it would make me very happy to have more people join. This is the link:

» another EM update
As promised, here is the update on my Emerald Mermaid.I've filled in my "boo boo area". She's still missing a few small areas, but those WILL be completed tonight. Then I will start the backstitching. YAY! I also included my method for working the chart. What's yours?
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» Moving Right along
Well, sort of. I've been busy with other projects, but I managed a little stitching in between. Last night I filled in the tail to torso section on Emerald Mermaid and am almost completely finished with the regular stitches. I will try to post an update photo tonight or tomorrow. Then it's on to the backstitching, then beads! I got a lot of info on beading techniques from someone else's post in cross_stitch, so I am feeling more confident about it.

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» (No Subject)
Here's the progress on my Emerald Mermaid at 20 hours of work.

20 hours

I'm trying to finish in time to enter in my county fair this summer.
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